Godly Features Mixtape (CD)

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Godly Features Mixtape (CD) (Mixed by DJ Akil) (14 Track)

Spit Gemz - Godly Features Mixtape (Mixed by DJ Akil)

1. Intro
2. No More Games Ft. Vinnie Paz & Chris Rivers
3. The List Ft. Gorilla Nems & Starvin B
4. Burgundy Clouds Ft. Famoso
5. Authentic Ft. D.O.S.
6. Enter The Void Ft. Genghis Khan & Reef The Lost Cauze
7. Gypsy Danger Ft. ILL BILL
8. Invisible Chess Ft. Vinnie Paz
9. Energon 3.0 Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq
10. Blood On The Flowers Ft. Esoteric
11. Homemade Hot Sauce Ft. Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Meyhem Lauren
12. GMI Ft. Gob Goblin & Starvin B
13. Truth Serum Ft. Napoleon Da Legend
14. Outro